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Firecat First Friday: Liza Wisner

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Reaching Neighbors

First Friday is here again San Antonio! Everyone is gearing up to celebrate and marvel at the art and culture displayed once a month during this event. One event in particular that we here at Reaching Neighbors love to take advantage of is the Lunch Workshop put on every First Friday by Firecat Studio. During this event, Firecat hosts a lunch that includes a presentation from a guest speaker on the topic for that month. This month, that speaker was Liza Wisner, most popularly known from her appearance as a top 3 finalist on the hit show “The Apprentice”.


Liza Wisner

Liza was born in Kenya and didn’t move to the United States until after graduating high school. During her childhood, she developed a love for Golf and played for the Kenyan national golf team throughout high school. Once graduated, she received a scholarship to play golf for Texas…

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Second chances

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