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A blind man with a vision of where he would like to be and working towards it is a million times better than a man with sight but does not know where he is heading. It is one thing to say that i want to be this and that or that i want to do this and that and it is another thing to actually set a plan to work towards it! What most people fail to do is to have an alternative path to their vision, most people put their pathway to be one way or they fail, according to me through experience i have learned that dual plan is the safest way to follow to avoid heavy setbacks that could cause severe psychological problems. A dual way is where by one sets out the first option which is the ultimate, but then at the back of their mind they should have already figured out what other option they would follow if the ultimate plan failed. It is important to be flexible and open to change while working towards your vision and the belief in a higher authority or power of which in my case is Jesus Christ makes it easier because when you know that someone is watching out for you definitely you gain more courage to press on.


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International students

Foreign Students and Tolerance – I
October 26, 2012 – 3:05am

Neo-racism toward international students, such as the recent incidents at Michigan State and Ohio State Universities, highlights the challenges higher education leaders face in creating a positive campus climate for international students. Many international students live in a parallel social world, shut off from friendships with American peers. When a neo-racist act occurs, international students – and all students, except for a few – look to campus administrators and faculty for ethical academic leadership. Even if no major incident has occurred, campus leaders are responsible for creating a positive climate for the burgeoning number of international students arriving at their institutions.

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