Second chances

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About us

Teenagem is derived from the word teenage mothers which is an organization that was started in 2010 in Kenya to help teenage girls who dropped out of school due to rape pregnancies and early marriages. The pilot project’s objective was to mobilize these girls and asses them to filter them into two groups of ones who had a genuine desire to acquire academic qualifications, the ones who had a burning desire for vocational training. Any one who did not fit in this category was excluded from the program because the project was only for those young girls who were craving for a second chance and not ones who were comfortable with their lives as it was.

The objective of this website in relation to the teenage mothers community development project is to gather experiences from diverse young people to enable us get better understanding of the challenges that other people around the same age group around the globe experience so that we are in a better position to empower these young girls. we aim to give young people a platform to genuinely share without the pressure to conform or prove themselves like in other social websites.


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