Second chances

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One Thing That I Know

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In our younger age we get preoccupied with things that don’t really matter, by the time we are getting older we realize that we actually missed so much on the way, but we cant go back.

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I no longer can kneel
to pray; my knees are
not what they used to be.
My eyes are a bit dim,
all the more reason to
stay in Your light. I
walk a bit slower now,
but miss far fewer things
along the way. Some say
I am forgetful, but I
now know that there
is much in the world
that isn’t worth remembering.

The good news is that I walk
closer to You now, no need
to wander too far. I am content
with things just the way
they are. I know with certainty
that there is one God, one
Source of All. You are that Creator
who so carefully guided me through life.
I thank you, Lord, for the journey has
been quite remarkable, and will
be to the end. Thank you, too, for Your
love, and for being my best friend.

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Author: teenagem

Second chances

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