Second chances

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The day that Albert Einstein feared….

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The mobile phone is a blessing as well as a curse

53 With a Degree

Well….I was at a dinner last night with a bunch of individuals I did not know.  It was sort of a mini-reunion of my boyfriends family members. 


A topic of conversation was cell phones.  (…do you have one?….what do you use on it?…do you like it?….those type of things…)  And…ironically enough….we were interrupted more than once by my boyfriends phone announcing to the entire dinner party – by way of an annoying “doorbell” ring –  that he was receiving text messages.  (UGH!)

I have always thought about how we interact more with our cell phones than we do with each other.  It seems to give us an “out” so we don’t have to engage in any type of natural communication.  So…I remembered getting an email that sums it all up. I would like to share that with you now. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words.

Read on…

Friends at coffee on their cell phones.

 Coffee with friends or…

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Second chances

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