Second chances

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We Got Another 4 years of this!!!

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Make it count Obama!

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As the weeks rolled on with the annoying campaign ads on t.v, radio and telephone. It became clear where this election was headed. Said to be the most important election in the history of America. The single most important decision made by Americans in the long history of this great nation. In my life time i have seen my share of presidents. Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and now Obama! All in which have had their good and bad’s. None as popular as Barack Obama…hands down the most charismatic and well spoken dictator the world has known! The way he has led the country up to this point is extremely questionable…how he is going to lead the next 4 years even more. What will be of America? Well the most beloved popular President to ever grace the white house make good on his re-do or will he absolutely crush…

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Second chances

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