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Jonathan Adler on following your heart

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Following you heart is very important, but sometimes it is just not sufficient, it is a wise decision to follow your mind sometimes. but i agree with his speech.

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UPDATE!! I came across this video of Jonathan Adler (one of my former bosses) speaking at Behance’s 99% Conference. In his lecture, Jonathan talks about the importance of following your heart, staying true to your vision and saying “fuck it,” in regards to other people’s opinions of your work. This comes in great contrast to what one learns in school and the world of marketing, but I believe there’s a lot of heart and truth in what he’s saying here. As someone that was in a similar situation in grad school (Jonathan tells his story about an oppressively unsupportive teacher in design school), his message resonates with me. Ultimately, you’ll be the most happy making the work you want to make, instead of the work you have to make, and if you’re lucky, and work hard, success is the best revenge.

Get into it and feel the joy.


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Second chances

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