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An embarrassment to the female gender….

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So I am not sure if you have come across this yet, if you haven’t apologies for inflicting it on your life. It is a new website called  and I think the most accurate description is:

‘an embarrassment to the female gender’

If you have not yet seen this then you must check it out, although it is laugh out loud funny it is also a massive step back for woman when it comes to gender equality. allows women to send in their text conversations with men and have other women help them ‘de-code’ the sub text of each text. It also allows other woman to vote on whether or not the guy is ‘into you’ or ‘not into you’ based on his text messages.

Instead of an archive of complicated mixed signalled messages, the website predominantly documents men clearly giving needy women the brush off. To demonstrate…

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Author: teenagem

Second chances

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