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Madonna Endures Boos In New Orleans [VIDEO]

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During a weekend concert in New Orleans, Madonna received boos and hisses from the crowd but it wasn’t for her live performance.

The “Material Girl” performed in New Orleans on Saturday and took a break from her live performance to ask concert-goers if they were registered to vote.

She then spoke about the need to be registered to vote and vote for a president.

Her next statement was not well-received. Madonna then showed her support for a presidential candidate and the crowd wasn’t too keen on it.

Madonna publicly endorsed incumbent President Barack Obama and told her fans to vote for him. The crowd was not happy about her words and therefore booed her. There were no reports of violence due to Madonna’s declaration.

Do you think that Madonna will now lose some of her fan base for publicly endorsing Barack Obama? Check out the video below!

Cicely C. Mitchell/

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Second chances

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