Second chances

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“A Utopian society is mere a distant dream in today’s political scenario”

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Yes, bad news has become so common, we need some good news


“We did not ask if he had seen any monsters, for monsters have ceased to be news. There is never any shortage of horrible creatures that prey on human beings, snatch away their food, or devour whole populations; but examples of wise social planning are not so easy to find.” 
― Thomas More, Utopia

Throughout the history of human civilization socialist ideals have recurred time and again. From Plato to Marx the elusive goal of a perfect state has occupied some of the best minds in political thought manifesting itself in literature. In the midst of this historic practice Sir Thomas More first coined the term “Utopia” in his book titled the same in order to describe the ideal society. Since then utopian visions have captured the imagination of many literalists and idealists.

In the present day world dictionary definition of Utopia refers to, an ideally perfect place…

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Second chances

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