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Throwback Thursday: All I Need Is You

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It’s Throwback Thursday! This EmpowerMoment was originally published on July 16, 2011. Enjoy this blast from the past!

Praise be to Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens. (Psalm 68:19 NIV)

Have you ever felt as if life just smacked you in the face without warning? Well, that’s how I am feeling right now! My college graduation is approaching soon; I should be happy, right? Wrong! With an unsupportive family, a descending job market for college graduates, finalizing a divorce at the age of 22 and having LITERALLY $1.72 in my savings account, I am truly beginning to frightfully question my future. How am I going to live without my spouse, who has been my support for the past five years? Where am I going to live? How am I going to pay these bills? What am I going to do after undergrad? Where is my life…

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Second chances

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